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Pink Cupcake Shack officially kicked off in August of 2009 with the encouragement of family members and dear friends. Diane has been baking for over 30 years now. She learned to decorate cakes at Pacelli's Bakery in Bridgeport when she was still in high school. While growing up, her father always joined her in the kitchen on Saturday evenings coming up with new ideas. Sometimes they would spend a few weeks trying to perfect a recipe. Fudge seemed to be their biggest challenge!

Diane has taken many decorating classes over the years. She has been back and forth to Chicago learning at Wilton Industries under Sandy Folsom as well as one of the Food Network's Mystery Cake Challenge Winners, Colette Peters. She learned to perfect both straight and crooked cakes with Colette. She is a member of ICES and is always learning new skills at conferences throughout the United States. She most recently learned to muppetize people out of modeling chocolate from Lauren Kitchens and Mike McCarey (shown in picture).


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Diane's son, Joseph, has been a large part of her success. He is the artistic member of her crew. Joseph has been making cakes for almost five years now and recently graduated from the University of Virginia. He is currently attending the University of Connecticut's MBA Program and helps wherever he is needed. He is self-taught (with only a few pointers from Mom) and specifically enjoys carving cakes. Whenever Mom needs a cake idea or a drawing, Joseph is the first one she runs to. He encourages her to grow and to never give up on her dream.


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Diane's daughter, Kiely, is the recipe queen. She is constantly finding new recipe ideas for Mom to try. She actually started making her own things and helps Diane when she's in a bind. She helps with delivery of the cakes as well as getting her through a long night of baking wedding cupcakes for an early morning delivery!


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Diane's youngest son, Danniel, is her secret helper. He always works behind the scenes always promoting her work. He got Diane her first wedding order in 2010 and set up her facebook account.